Saturday, December 15, 2012

India Shining?

Some say India is shining
Everyone’s unhappy, everyone’s whining
Crore’s r bein offered in IPL
Crore’s of people r under BPL
Many r illiterate, not enough schools
Politicians make us appear like fools
Models r getting paid for following diet
Getting a square meal 4 layman is a fight
Its all a mess, high on entropy
All everyone cares here is , WC trophy
We expect to clock 10% GDP
India is the capital for diabetes & BP
Great traditional background, great culture
Westernizing more than west, grave future
Corruption is rampant, down the spine sends a chill
Will it be completely eradicated by JAN LOKPAL BILL?
When Indians are still whining
How can one still say India is shining


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